How a Home Security Camera Works

Breaking down a home security camera may seem pretty simple, and in many ways, it is. The actual machine portion of the camera is very simplistic in its design. Though a camera may be a simple device, it plays a very important role in a home security system.

Begin With Fundamentals

Family home 152139068Please remember as you perform the research for home security cameras that they are vital to your family’s protection. You should first sit and write down the needs of you and your family that a surveillance camera might meet. Do you need to monitor the babysitter or make sure your kids are staying at home? Or maybe you really need to figure out who keeps getting into your things when you are away. Of course a big concern for most families is protecting their home from burglary. Maybe your rationale could be that you want to make sure that your family is secure when you are out on a business trip and won’t be home for a while. The important thing to remember is that there is a camera out there that is going to meet your exact needs. You should also take into consideration the local laws for security camera use.


Think about how many indoor cameras and outdoor cameras you may need. There is a difference between the two. Perhaps you would only like to have indoor cameras. Perhaps you are most concerned about keeping the perimeter of your home secure. Most outdoor cameras can adapt to be indoors, but indoor cameras are generally not made to handle the elements. Look into the different types and figure out which one will suite your needs.


With cameras, size truly matters. The smaller the camera, the easier it is to hide and not be noticed. A larger camera will not hide as easily, but that may be what you want to use to send the message to home invaders that the home is being monitored. As mentioned above, it is important to figure out what your needs are in order to determine the size and shape of your camera.


House Night 179061993Think also about the lighting of your home. It may not seem like too big of a deal, but the proper lighting will make it a lot easier for certain cameras to function. There are cameras built for the dark, like infrared cameras or cameras with their own spotlights. There are other cameras that can be adjusted depending on if there is natural light in a room or indoor lighting. Most cameras will have light sensitivity ratings that you can look into. There are some cameras that will work both day and night, but make sure that if that is what you want, it is stated in the description of the camera.

Placement Matters

Remember that you are going to be in charge of placement of the camera. Getting a professional to help would be an ideal situation as they know where the best locations for security cameras should be. Remember that you have to play the angles. Some cameras don’t move or have a wide range of vision. Make sure that there is a place to mount these cameras so that they can be most effective. Even cameras that do move need to be in the right place if they are going to be able to catch a criminal.

Looking at this article, there are many things to consider when purchasing a home security camera. It really does work well when a professional is called in, but if you are looking to install yourself, remember what is important to you and the safety of your home.