Environmental and Opening Alarms in Home Security Systems Comparison

When looking into home security systems comparison it is important to look into all the details. Breaking down the components helps in figuring out which security system will work best for you. Environmental, door and window alarms are key factors in making a successful home security system.

Essential Devices

Carbon Monoxide Alarm 136249901Remember that an environmental alarm is a crucial component of any home security system. Smoke detectors and CO alarms can save your life if an emergency occurs, and you never want to have to worry about not being alerted to potential threats like that. Smoke detectors come in two main kinds. One is photoelectric. It tends to be a little larger, and it alerts you to fires when the light bounces off smoke particles in the air, reflecting some of the light back at the detector. This works well for smoldering fires with a lot of smoke. Other detectors simply detect the products of combustion in the air from fires, making these best for fires with high flames.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

CO sensors can detect the carbon monoxide content in the air. They simply monitor those particles in the environment. Some of these can come as dual fire and CO alarms though they tend to malfunction easier than when the alarms are separate.

Door and Window alarms

Door and window magnetic contacts are considered classic alarms that alert anyone in the house to the fact that the door or window has opened. A magnetic circuit is formed between the door and the frame when the door is shut, so it is broken when the door opens, sounding the alarm.

Glass Break Sensors

82172836Glass break sensors are very effective when burglars break into your window. There are three main types of glass break sensors. One is topically applied foil strips that form a circuit much like the magnetic contacts. When the glass is broken, so is the circuit, and the alarm is triggered. The second type is a small, easily concealed device that is placed on the glass which registers the vibrations of the window panes. The last type is acoustic, and is more common. It is a device made specifically to recognize the sound and frequency of breaking glass, and it tends to be more accurate than the other types of sensors.

Environmental Alarms

Environmental alarms are real life savers. Door alarms and glass break sensors are great for sending the warning that someone is entering your home. With advances in technology, there are many different options that have become available.

Getting to know the individual components of an alarm system can be very beneficial when choosing which home security system you want to go with. There are more options available than the ones mentioned above. Think about talking to a professional for installation purposes. Professionals have experience in installing each component of a home security system and may even be able to bring up ideas that you haven’t thought of yet. Remember that this is a very important decision that concerns your family’s safety. Make sure that your decision it the right one.